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Quality parts for your aircooled VW

This site is not just about selling parts for your aircooled VW. It's all about selling the BEST quality parts for your aircooled VW. Feel confident that with my more than 30 years of experience in the sales of auto parts that you'll get not only a good affordable part, you'll also get the right part every time.

All the shopping carts are updated, all shipping charges are correct for shipping. You only pay the actual shipping costs with no bogus "handling fees". Any overcharges will be refunded! If you have any concerns or questions please email us. I've been adding new part numbers daily, so check us out by parts group number. If you don't see it, email me and ask for it! I have many new and used parts available that I have not listed yet.


Some site users have experienced some difficulties with ordering from /using this site. Some tablets and smartphones seem to be the problem. If you have any problems ordering please email vwwillie@tcn.net with what browser and machine you are using to help me track down this problem. Thank you for your help!


All out of USA buyers please email for shipping quote first before you order as all shopping carts are set up for domestic shipping only.

What's new

New Website!! This site is very easy to use, it's set up much like a VW dealer catalog. I'm using the original VW part numbers as sku numbers so any part you may need to search is easy to find. Here's the breakdown on what a VW part number consists of. A VW part number is nine digits long with sometimes a letter after the number to denote a year, part change, or part origin. The first three numbers identify the car model (111,113,131,141,etc) The second group of three identify the part group (100 to 900), with the third group being the actual part number. So for example a 211 251 051E would be a muffler for a bus, European made. 211 denotes bus, 251 is the parts group for mufflers, the 051 is the part and the E says European made. All parts on this site can be searched in their parts group on the parts for sale page, very easy! Here's the breakdown.

  • 100...engine related parts
  • 200...exhaust components
  • 300...transmission parts
  • 400...front axle parts
  • 500...rear axle parts
  • 600...brake parts
  • 700...cables
  • 800...trim and related pieces
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