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Fuel pump flange, fits all 40hp-1600cc engines.


Fuel pump pushrod fits all 40hp-1600cc non-alternator applications.


Fuel pump pushrod, fits all 36hp engines, used VW factory part.


Fuel pump pushrod, fits all 40hp-1600cc applications with alternator.


Fuel pump flange gasket set. One top and one bottom gasket.


Fuel hardline from firewall to pump, all 40hp-1600cc to 1974 without fittings.

New 30mm VW carb

30mm round bowl carburetor, brand new. Fits all 28mm-30mm flange manifolds, 40hp-1600cc. 12volt choke.


H 30/31 Brosol square bowl carburetor, fits all 28mm-30mm intake manifold flanges. Comes conversion with adapter for 34mm flanged intakes.


34mm brand new carburetor. Fits all 1600cc applications with 34mm flange manifold.


Intake gasket, fits all dual port engines goes between manifold and cylinder head. Heavy duty .50mm paper cut oversized to fit all stock and...


Stock metal dual port intake manifld gasket, fits all carbureted engines.


Red silicone intake boot, fits all dul port applications.