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Oil sump gasket set, contains two gaskets, one sump o ring and six sump nut crush rings. Fits all 40hp-1600cc engines.


Gasket, cork fits all 25hp-1600cc upright engines.


Used factory dipstick, fits all 25hp-1600cc engines.


Valve adjusting screw, 8mm x 1.0mm. Sold in sets of eight, good quality German with hardened tip.


Exhaust valve, 28.6mm fits all 36hp engines.


Cooling fan, fits all years 60 to 70 with non doghouse fan shroud.


Cooling fan fits all type 1 and 2 with late model offset oil cooler.

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Quality rebuilt 36hp fuel pump. Fits all 1200cc 36hp to 1960.


Fuel pump, fits all 40hp-1600cc engines with generator.


Fuel pump fits all 40hp-1600cc bus and beetle engines with threaded fitting, Danish made.


Fuel pump fits all 40hp-1600cc applications with alternator.


Bakelite fuel pump flange fits all 36hp engines. Good used factory part, cleaned and ready for use.