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Pushrod tube, fits all 25hp-36hp engines.


Pushrod tube, fits all 40hp 1200cc engines.


Pushrod tube, fits all 1600cc engines.


Pushrod tube seal, fits all 40hp-1600cc engines. German silicone.


Intake valve,30mm fits all 36hp


Intake valve for all 36hp applications with 33mm valves and Okrasa heads.


Intake valve, all 1300cc engines and type I fuel injected heads.


Intake valve, all 1600cc engines.


Exhaust valve, all 36hp engines.


Exhaust valve, 30mm fits all 40hp-1300cc engines.


Exhaust valve, 32mm fits all 1500cc-1600cc engines.


Brand new valve spring for all 36hp engines. Heavy duty application, works on stock and performance engines. Sold in sets of eight