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Brand new Bosch 12 volt starter, the very best. Fits all 12 volt type 1, 2 (to 71) type 3 and Ghia. No core needed.


Heavy duty Kush lock disc works on all 200mm applications. Solid hub insures perfect power transfer to transmission.

Perfect fit!

This is a custom dual tip exhaust system that combines a tuned header with a welded muffler and dual chrome tips. Fit and finish is excellent,...


If you actually drive your car in a dirty environment, these are the mats for you. Nice thick rubber, will take years of abuse and hose offs....


I've always had a morbid curiosity about car crashes since my early days as a tow truck driver for a local wrecking yard. It always seemed...


EMPI complete steering wheel kit. 23mm grip, high gloss finish. Kit comes complete with steering wheel adapter, horn button and all mounting...


Dual purpose oil filler and breather box. Made of cast aluminum, box has internal baffles to seperate the oil and air. Mounts to alternator/...


Front disc brake rotor. Fits all Type 1, Type 3 and Ghia with disc brakes. Made by TRW/Varga Brazil


Universal Brake caliper, fits type 1,type 3 and Ghia. Dual bleeder, fits left or right. Comes fully loaded with new pads.


This 12v inline fuel pump provides a quiet 30 gph fuel flow at 2-4 psi and requires no pressure regulator. 5/16 inlet and outlest. Fuel filter and...


Quality VARGA OEM Replacment Master Cylinder for Type 2 Bus to 1966. Works great for all buses and all dune buggy applications, 22mm bore. Free...


Finally, some stainless steel pushrod tubes for 36hp. These would be great for any corrosive environment (like the Bonneville salt flats). These...