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Front axle bearing lock plate, type 2 thru 1963. Sold each.


Wheel bearing grease cap with speedometer hole, all type 1 and type 3 disc and drum brake.


Wheel bearing grease cap, all type 1 and type 3 disc and drum brake.

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Front brake disc, all type 3 and Karman ghia. Fits all aircooled disc brake spindles.


Track arm bushing for lower control arm, all Super beetle 70-72


Lower control arm bushing, fits all Super beetle 74-on


Super beetle ball joint, left or right fits all super beetle to 1973. Sold each.


Lower balljoint, left or right, all Super beetle 74-on


Front axle beam torsion leaves for king/link axle beam. Sold per set, two sets required.


Torsion spring leaves for all balljoint front axle beams.  Sold per set,  two sets required per axle beam.


Front strut insert left of right, Super beetle 70-73. KYB low pressure gas. Sold each, two required.


Front strut cartridge, fits left or right Super beetle 74-75. KYB low pressure cartridge.   Sold each, two per car.