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Cross drilled 13-1600cc crankshaft, O-ring stlye. Precision reground, harmonically balanced and micro polished. Fits all type 1, 2, and 3. Sold...


Brand new std/std crankshaft, fits all 13-1600cc applications.


Upper balljoint for all type one through 1978 except super beetle. 


Woodruff key for end of crankshaft/pully. Fits all aircooled engines.


Lower balljoint for all type 1 except super beetle.


Cam timing gear, new. Fits all 40hp-1600cc.


Distributor drive gear, all 25hp-1600cc engines, used VW factory original.


Distributor drive pinion gear, 40hp-1600cc, used German factory.


Distributor drive gear spacer, fits all aircooled engines. Sold in a packs of two.


Crankshaft oil deflector plate, or "slinger". Fits all 40hp-1600cc engines, used VW factory.


German silicone flywheel seal. 70mm x 90mm x 10mm. Fits all 40hp-1600cc engines.


Crankshaft woodruff key,large. Fits in crankshaft under timing gear and spacer. Fits all 40hp-1600cc engines.