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Outer wheel bearing, 45mm. Type 2 63 -78, rear axle outer Audi 5000.


Outer front wheel bearing all type 1, 3, and 4 8/65-on. Outer rear wheel bearing for rabbit , dasher, fox and 100ls Audi. 


Taper roller bearing, outer for all type 1 to 8/65. Converts ball bearing to taper roller bearing. Race included with bearing.


Lock plate for steering knuckle nut. Type 1 thru 65, type 2 64-67, sold as a pair.


Gasket set for all rear wheel flanges, type 1, 2, and 3. Kit includes two high quality paper gaskets, one large o-ring, one small o-ring, German...


Four lug brake drum fits all type 1 standard beetle and super beetle.


Front king pin set comes complete with bushings, pins, and plates, German. Sold as a kit.


Link pin set, fits all beetle front king and link suspension. Sold as a complete kit. 

Complete 180mm VW clutch kit

Excellent quality 180mm clutch kit for the budget minded. OE brand, comes complete with pressure plate, disc, and release bearing.


Complete clutch kit, 200mm, excellent quality for the budget minded. OE brand 200mm clutch kit fits all 200mm applications to 1971. Comes complete...

German pully

Excellent quality German 12 volt generator/alternator pully.


12 volt generator belt, German Conti.