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34mm carburetor base gasket, fits all dual port applications for pict-34. Heavy duty .50mm thickness. 

Complete cylinder head

Brand new cylinder head complete with springs, valves, and keepers. Fits all 1600cc based applications. These dual port heads are a China made...


Carburetor base gasket, 30mm. Fits all 28mm-30mm manifolds. Heavy duty .50mm thickness.

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Universal crankcase, dual oil relief. 1300-1600 VW factory magnesium, 8mm cylinder studs.


Universal crankcase, aluminum for 1600cc. 8mm studs. Quality casting from Auto-Linia Brasil. Great start for any 1600cc based engine.


Main bearing dowel pin, fits all 36hp-2000cc aircooled engines. Sold in sets of five. Free shipping for a limited time to all lower 48 states!

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Best stud kit on the market. Fits all 8mm case applications for dual port 1600cc based engines. 48pc kit comes complete with studs, nuts, and...


Rubber camshaft bore end plug, fits all 1300-1600cc based engines with non grooved case.


Camshaft end plug, fits all 1300-1600cc based engines with grooved case.


Bronze valve guide for all 25hp-36hp cylinder heads. Replace your old worn out valve guides with these custom made guides from...


Replacement valve guide for all 40hp-1600cc heads, single or dual port. Replace worn out valve guides in your cylinder head with brand new high...


Cylinder head nut, 10mm thread 15mm OD. These nuts are used on all 36hp-1600 engines with 10mm studs. Sold in packs of eight.